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About The Youth VacWork Programme

The Northern Cape VacWork program takes in a number of high scholars to a simulated and co-creative working environment, get trained and build projects with ICT tools. Youngsters spend their Holidays With The Geeks. The DEDAT team, SPU, NCDev Ecosystem, Geekulcha and community get to redistribute their skills/knowledge with their young ones.

Assigned to mentors, the youngsters come up with projects based on the VacWork edition’s theme. They get to experience a real working environment and processes of the job market by reporting to work from 09:00 till 16:00 and send daily feedback.

VacWork Objectives

During the programme, more than 10 tech startups are created and the youngsters work on building business cases for the startups with a product or a service.

With an anticipation of the mLab in the province, youngsters get to come up with sustainable mobile app solutions for socio-economic impact.

As the world gets smarter and smarter, the Northern Cape provinces must be left behind. The VacWork equip youngsters with the skills of tomorrow.

A theme is set and youngsters innovate for a particular sector. Real-life projects are developed during the week-long programme.