Ecosystem Description

Startup Details

Description : Platform for students to learn and Instructors to earn.

Founders: Keenan Gwells, Creston Campher, Leandro Klein.

Year: 2020

Industry: Education, EduTech, ICT

Operating Status: Active

Contact Details: +27640516651



Project: NCDev Academy


  1. The main problem we identified is a need for a course based online learning platform for Academic Institutions and professionals.
  2. With recent COVID-19 events, we realize that the learning environment will never be the same as before.
  3. Students can only access their course material through physical classes and instructors struggle to manage sending course material though too much platforms.


The NCDev Academy is your tech society in local Schools and Communities with project based learning and Profile Building. 

We provide a platform for your students, startups and  tech enthusiast to Learn, Build and Connect.

  1. Online / Offline Courses
  2. Tech / Startup Events
  3. Post event Coaching